Illustration shows shape changes that occur in quadrillionths-of-a-second intervals in a ring-shaped molecule that was broken open by light

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LCLS is a Department of Energy funded user facility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory managed by Stanford University. The chemistry-related research here is supported and performed by the Chemical Sciences Department. 


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Science Impact

Time-resolved resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) is a powerful new XFEL approach providing element-specific insight to the dynamics of chemical bonds and excited-state charge distributions. 

MLCT excitation

Charge separation, migration, redistribution, and localization are central to efficient and robust energy storage and retrieval from chemical bonds and general photo-driven chemical transformations.

Hard X-ray scattering and XES studies using a model iron-based molecular light harvester

LCLS studies in a model mixed-valence complex for photocatalysis illustrates the importance of understanding the role of solvent dynamics in mediating charge transfer and chemical reactivity.

Model system of the solvated cyanide-bridged mixed-valence bi-metallic charge-transfer complex